Christian Science Heals

Christian Science healing is available to all!
Hundreds of thousands of people have been healed through Christian Science, many of medically diagnosed, incurable diseases that have been given up by conventional health-care methods.

You can:

  • Listen to interviews with people sharing their healing experiences on the weekly Christian Science Sentinel – Radio Edition broadcasts.
  • Attend any Wednesday testimony meeting at a Christian Science church and hear people explain how they were healed.
  • Read testimonies of healing published in the weekly magazine, the Christian Science Sentinel, and the monthly magazine, The Christian Science Journal.
  • Read the “Fruitage” chapter in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, consisting of 100 pages of testimonies from people healed by applying the ideas in the book.
  • Read from special books devoted to testimonies available at the Reading Room.

You do not have to be a Christian Scientist or attend church in order to be healed through Christian Science. Many people have been healed by simply reading Science and Health. Others have gained healing with the help of a Christian Science practitioner. This is a person who has had systematic teaching in Christian Science (called Primary Class Instruction) and who has a proven record of successful healing. The services offered by practitioners are available to the public. Practitioners give treatment through prayer for any life challenge. Additional services may include: answering questions about Christian Science by phone, e-mail or written correspondence; and, office visits, in-home or care facility visits. Practitioners are self-employed. Fees and payment are determined by the individual practitioner and should be discussed prior to engaging their services.

A directory of practitioners is printed in the back of any Christian Science Journal available at the Reading Room. This full on-line directory is available from